Pumpkin Bread Delight


Disclosure: I love ice cream and these are my stories (insert Law & Order thump thump here along with the line: this is a sponsored post) Fall is in full swing around this house. Complete with un-purchased pumpkins and promises that NEXT year I'll build a graveyard in the front lawn. Seriously folks, I never have time to decorate for Halloween. I blame the retailers. Yes. The retailers. If they didn't already have their Christmas items up on the shelves, I'd be able to concentrate on the upcoming holiday. But alas, my brain is already mentally ticking off the ways I will keep the dog from peeing on the Christmas tree.

The only thing around here that signals our full swing into fallness? Pumpkin bread. We love it. Can't get enough of it. When we run out, I make secret lists of places I will hide the next batch of bread and muffins so that I always have some for myself. Well this year, I am happy to report I am making pumpkin bread even more yummy!

How you ask? Well, I got the bright idea to try warm, moist pumpkin bread with Breyers Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream! It tastes just as good as it sounds. I call this Pumpkin Bread Delight!

Now, if you want to make it a special grown up dessert: wait til the kids go to sleep.

Wait! There's more. You can actually take pumpkin flavored creamer and make your very own pumpkin whipped cream to put on top of the ice cream. I also sprinkle on a little cinnamon to make it look pretty.


Two things you're wondering: wow Mami, I didn't know you baked AND could make whip cream? It's easy! You can get pumpkin bread mix in a box. All ingredients except for the eggs are in the box. The bread mix is already there and you get a can of pumpkin guts. Throw them in a bowl as per the instructions and mix.

The whip cream? Here's what I do. I get a big glass bowl and then I get a little metal bowl. I put the little bowl in the big bowl and then I put ice all around the little bowl. I add heavy whipping cream to the little bowl along with a spoonful of sugar and drops of whatever flavor I like (my usual is coconut but like I said, for this one, add some pumpkin flavor!). Use a hand mixer until the whip cream is at the consistency you like. I always make it extra fluffy and then it feels like I'm eating even more ice cream.

Want to make some Pumpkin Bread Ala Mode? I'm giving away a $25 Target gift card AND some of my precious Breyers ice cream coupons. Enter below and: save me some pumpkin bread!

Tell me, what's your favorite holiday dessert?

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For more recipes, you can visit the Breyers Recipes page. They have a few in there that you must try (Halloween graveyard anyone?).

Breyers_AmbassadorDisclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND pumpkin bread?  All thoughts, opinions and possible overeating are all my own.

Confessions of a Truck Driver's #DeliciousMoments

Luis and Breyers Disclosure: I am a Breyers ambassador but this post was written by a fellow ice cream lover.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing a little happiness to those around me. Especially when I have no idea I'm doing it. Imagine my SURPRISE when, after going to an all-girl gathering at my friend Yadira's house and innocently bringing them some Breyers ice cream, I get this awesome recipe and write up. I am happy to share this unplanned delicious moment with you.

Luis Soto is husband of Editor in Chief, Yadira Ambert of El Club de las Diosas. He is a truck driver, great husband and father and now, thanks to this post, we find he is a lover of ice cream! ~~~ I must confess I love ice cream! And for a manly man, it takes courage to admit it but not me. You know why? Cause I love it! So why hide it. My love for all sweet things started when I was a young boy. I used to hear the sweet sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street and I would get ready for it.

I remember one particular day in which, I heard the truck was coming and my grandpa gave a quarter to get an ice cream cone. As soon as the truck arrived and parked across the street, I ran to get my treat. Got my dessert, and started running towards the house when I heard the ice cream man yelling at me to come back to get my change. Without hesitation, I ran back to get but without realizing a car was coming fast, I started running back to the house and I felt this strange force pushing me back to the truck. The car just passed by inches of me and I was saved. Something, someone has saved me but all I wanted was my ice cream.

So it is fair to say, I almost got killed because of ice cream. But that didn’t stop me and up to this day, it is still my favorite dessert. A couple of weeks ago my wife had a gathering of friends at home. One of them was Sili and as a great ambassador for Breyers, she brought us ice cream. I was in heaven. From that moment on, I knew my night was going to be great. I decided to prepare my banana split which included 3 scoops of Breyers Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry ice cream, one banana and of course whipped cream. I was certainly in heaven. I could hear the girls laughing and having a good time. But me, I was in heaven.

The next weekend, I decided to experiment further with it. Certainly another banana split was in my mind but wanted to try something different. That is when the idea of creating a new dessert started. With just a few ingredients, my new combination was a success. And today, I want to share with the world my soon to be famous “Because you only live once” dessert (BYOLO).

Ingredients: 1 giant chocolate chip cookie 2 scoops of Breyers Napolitan ice cream Whipped cream

And there you have it, another delicious treat to enjoy with my family. Thanks to my good new friend Sili, now I have more reasons to have “sweet” nights. ~~~ Disclosure: I am a Breyers ambassador. This post came about after I was tagged on Instagram in the pictures shown above and asked Luis to share his recipe. All opinions and love of ice cream are not even mine! They are his and I am grateful that he is sharing them with us. A container of strawberry, chocolate & vanilla ice cream was dropped off as a contribution to the get-together prior to realizing Luis would provide such an outstanding and yummy recipe for us. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make myself a BYOLO!

#DeliciousMoments With a Bookworm

Disclosure: I love ice cream and these are my stories (insert Law & Order thump thump here along with the line: this is a sponsored post) I got in my car today and the thermometer read 95. I kid you not. By the time I'd gotten to my destination, the thermometer read 93. I took a picture:

Dear sweet baby Geezus, it is Fall and the only thing I have to look forward to this week is the temperature finally falling below 90.

So with the temperature so hot and my child being a sweater (sweat-er?), I take it upon myself to make sure that I give her a cool snack when we get home from school.

Knowing how much I love books and how much I love ice cream, I received this little gem via email. It is my friend Clare's recipe. She's my new favorite mom and I'd like her to move in with me and do all of the cooking. It's what she's awesome at so I figured, why not?

Enter: THE BOOKWORM! I can't stand it! The giddiness that I feel right now is beyond me. I am going to be chairing my very first book fair this fall and I am totally thinking of making these for my volunteers. What do you think?

Photo Courtesy: Breyers


  • 1 graham cracker
  • 1/2 cup Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream, slightly softened
  • 1 gummy worm candy
  • Decorative icing (optional)


  1. Place graham cracker on small dish. Place Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream on top of graham cracker and carefully smooth to edges using butter knife or small spatula. Use knife to carve line down center of ice cream to resemble center of open book. Smooth around edges so that ice cream is same shape as graham cracker.
  2. Place in freezer until very firm. Remove from freezer and use fork to scrape lines around ice cream sides to resemble pages in book. Insert gummy worm into ice cream. Write a few words or letters on the pages of book with decorative icing if you wish! Serve immediately or freeze until ready to serve.

YUM, right? I wish I was that little worm. Just hanging out with some ice cream and reading. I am supposed to be chilly, curled up with a book as I watch the leaves falling off of trees. Instead, I'll be trying to find a pool party to crash this weekend.

Just because I'm about to go pretend to be someone's long lost cousin doesn't mean you can't be curled up with a good book watching leaves turning. How about I live vicariously through you?

I want to give you a $25 Target gift card and some of my very own Breyers coupons so that you can go crazy and have some Delicious Moments all your own this fall. What do you say?

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Breyers_AmbassadorDisclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND bookworms?  All thoughts, opinions and possible reading exertion are all my own.

Falling Into Delicious Moments

Disclosure: I am a Breyers ambassador. Because ice cream rocks! Ah yes! Fall is in the air. Well, at least inside my house. Living in Florida, the one thing I do miss is the change of seasons. I woke up to 78 degree weather so, "change" is relative in these parts.

So for me, the change of the seasons are marked by events. Most prominently in the fall: football. As many of you know, I run my own Fantasy Football league (girls only). And I have a deep love for the Tampa Bay Bucs who like to break my heart on a regular basis.

This season for me marks Sundays in the house and home-cooked meals. Of course, when I think fall I think comfort so anything that goes into that category is on the table.  This past weekend, that meant chili. I love chili but I'd never cooked it before in the crockpot. Well, I don't know what I've been thinking all this time. It was delicious!

You know what else is good? Chocolate cake. In the crockpot! That's on tap for this Sunday. I got this recipe from a crockpot cookbook that I cannot find anywhere in this house so, hopefully I'm giving you the right information. It's called chocolate mess cake. And with it I make:



  • 1 pkg. chocolate cake mix (I like the double chocolate or fudge mix because, you know, this doesn't have enough chocolate already)
  • 3 oz. pkg. instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 cups sour cream (sour cream?! I know, right?)
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 small bag of chocolate chips


  • Place your cake mix and pudding mix in a big bowl (mix it up!)
  • Mix the eggs and water in a small bowl and then add it to the big bowl
  • Throw in the sour cream and oil and then use a mixer to mixa mixa mixa!
  • Spray your crockpot with cooking spray, throw the mixture in and voila

Well, not voila. Check and move it every once in a while. This cooks for 7 hours on low. You can cook it on high for less time but, do it at your own risk (I don't recommend it).

Now the key to this entire recipe is THE ICE CREAM. I kid you not. If you eat this chocolate mess cake without ice cream, you're going to be arrested. If you give this to someone without ice cream well, that's like criminal negligence for you. This cake is...decadent. When you add some Breyers French Vanilla ice cream on top? It transforms to divine.

And those hours of this cooking in the house with the chocolately aroma? Well, that will be an exercise in patience for you and your family. But it definitely makes for a delicious moment any which way you look at it!

Happy Fall folks! Have you entered the Delicious Moments photo competition? You should!

Now through September 23, families nationwide are encouraged to submit their delicious moments – a sundae creation, favorite flavor or even a fun family photo – to the Breyers Facebook page. One lucky winner will be showcased within the Winner’s Gallery each week and will receive exciting prizes, such as a tablet and a year’s supply of Breyers.


Disclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND special moments?  All thoughts, opinions and possible chocolate comas from too much yumminess are all my own.

Serving Up Me Time With a #DeliciousMoment All My Own


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. And...I don't always like to share. This past couple of weeks have been intense. Between finishing up some client work, finalizing the last couple of weeks of school (finals included), getting the frog princess adjusted to a new school, getting used to the feeling of having my house back after dad went back to DR and preparing for my speaking engagement at Niche Parent next week, I've been doing more than just writing up a run on sentence.

I recently posted the Jada Pinkett Smith video where she talks about needing to take care of herself in order to take care of her family. And while in theory this sounds good, when obligations are upon us and we fail to make good use of the word "no", this could be difficult to put into practice. I have been talking the talk but not walking the walk. Telling you guys to stop and smell the roses, enjoy family, take some time to schedule delicious moments but haven't bothered to do the same.

This weekend that changes. I have two weeks with no schoolwork. This means that at least one big stress is off my shoulders. While I have serious commitments that need to be handled I know that if I don't take time for myself, I won't be able to do this much longer.

Why do we resist doing things for us?

In the last 2 months, I've received 2 gift cards and have purchased NOTHING for myself. How is that possible? I have so much crap on my wishlist. It's easy. I love to make others feel good and appreciated. I make sure my family has what it needs and most days I'm even blessed enough to cover what they want.

Meanwhile, I haven't been to a yoga class in at least 6 months. Can't tell you the last time I went underwear shopping (sad, but true) and I'm contemplating not following through on plans to hang out with my line sister because I'm incredibly exhausted. Running on empty, I tell ya. But you know what I did today? I stopped.

With the frog princess out of the house I looked in the fridge, grabbed some yummy Breyers chocolate ice cream, took the remote and sat back on the recliner. And I took a breath. That's how we start. With one breath.

Sometimes, in order for us to continue to do what we do and have all of those delicious moments with our family, we must first have a delicious moment all our own. Serving_Me_Time_Breyers

Now through September 23, families nationwide are encouraged to submit their delicious moments – a sundae creation, favorite flavor or even a fun family photo – to the Breyers Facebook page. One lucky winner will be showcased within the Winner’s Gallery each week and will receive exciting prizes, such as a tablet and a year’s supply of Breyers.

But you know what? I want to give you some incentive to take care of you. I'm going to give you a $25 Target gift card AND some of my precious coupons for free ice cream. The only caveat? You MUST spend the money on YOU. Seriously. You deserve it.

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Disclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND special moments?  All thoughts, opinions and possible bellyaches from too much yumminess are all my own.

Creative Creations and #DeliciousMoments

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. Also: I love oatmeal creme pies This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Clare Crespo who inspires families to get creative in the kitchen. If you don't know who she is, check out her YummyFun website.  Clare has penned some cute cookbooks. Have you heard of these?

She's doing the most to get us to enjoy cooking with our kids and living in the moment. I watched her work with the frog princess as she helped her create her very own Mint Chocolate Chimp during one of our Camp Mamitiki outings this summer.

Right then and there I decided I'd do some creative stuff in the kitchen. And then, I promptly didn't! Isn't that what we do? Make great plans and then look at our cup runnerineth over then get discouraged and don't act on those awesome ideas?

I have been experiencing a lot of stress in my life lately and I don't know about you but the more stressed I am, the less creative I get. I also have to work extra hard at being present and in the moment because my mind tends to wander to the million other things that need to be done.

I think it's all about juggling. I can't even say balancing because it's never even, is it? I think some days something needs your attention more than others. That's me personally.

What needed my attention this weekend was the frog princess. And this idea in my head of being all creative like Clare. I enjoy cooking but though I am super creative in every other area of life, the kitchen leave me feeling...inadequate. I came up with a simple idea though!

Oatmeal Creme Pie Ala Mode

  • Oatmeal Creme Pie
  • Breyers Ice Cream of Choice (here I used strawberry vanilla chocolate)
  • Breyers Toppings:  Caramel flavor ice cream sauce & chocolate sprinkles

It's so easy it almost doesn't need to be written! I grabbed an oatmeal creme pie and broke it up into several pieces (I put mine in these not-so-fancy but terribly convenient lil bowls). I zapped them in the microwave for like 10-15 seconds.

I then dropped some yummy Breyers on top followed by the toppings and voila!

Breyers Creative CreationsIt's not super duper fancy or anything out of this world. But it is yummy and everyone enjoyed them. We sat around eating ice cream and enjoying one another and ultimately, that's what matters.

Which reminds me, while this is a sponsored post, it is also a post dedicated to Alexandra (from Good Day, Regular People) who recently lost her mom. Her mami loved ice cream and the family cherished those moments spent together. Follow the #icecreamforAlexandra hashtag for some Twitter lovin'!

I know all too well what Alexandra is feeling as she begins her walk without her mami. How could I not think of her as I spent time with my own child, always thinking about my own mami.

Sending you loads of love during this time, Alexandra. I know your mami is up in heaven perhaps sharing a bit of delicious ice cream with mine.

Are you taking the time to create some delicious moments?

Disclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador & I've never been more humbled to share an ice cream story with you. All opinions on family, love & loss are my own as is my awesome recipe!

Delicious Moments

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post and a reminder of the special moments The summer has been a time for me to reconnect with the frog princess and do fun things that will hopefully become a summer tradition.  I realized when I went to the Breyers Yummyfun event that I needed to work really hard to work on that "us" time.  There are days when I feel I'm doing it all wrong. Days where there's too much to do and I am running around saying no.

This past weekend, we did the usual running around but we also celebrated the girl's dad's birthday. He turned 40 and it's a big milestone for him. His story is one that I might ask him to tell you one day. But we don't need milestones to connect, to share special moments and to be in the moment.

While there were birthday celebrations, he decided to play it by ear on his actual birthday. And you know what we did? Nothing. Well, not exactly. We stayed in. We built forts and had tickle fights. He napped here and there as he recovered from a full weekend. We watched Food Network and GSN. We giggled and marveled at how much our child has grown.

I have few pictures of that day. Because sometimes it's hard to be in the moment AND capture it all at the same time. And we have to choose whether we are going to make the memory in our hearts or try and capture it with a photograph. There are times when it's hard to decipher the two. Times when I wonder if I made the right choice.

But this time, I knew it was right. We lounged, cuddled and shared quick bites. And at the end of the night, we ate ice cream and cherries. I always laugh at the frog princess because ice cream has quickly become one of her "fahvite" things. Although she's a chocolate fiend, she has a new appreciation for "banela" and I don't blame her. Last week I got the Breyers Vanilla Chocolate to blow her mind at the fact that her two favorite ice creams could be found in one package.

It's the simple things. The being able to share in the moment with someone we love.  And making it a delicious moment with something as tasty as Breyers.

Now through September 23, families nationwide are encouraged to submit their delicious moments – a sundae creation, favorite flavor or even a fun family photo – to the Breyers Facebook page. One lucky winner will be showcased within the Winner’s Gallery each week and will receive exciting prizes, such as a tablet and a year’s supply of Breyers.

Have you had a delicious moment with your family this summer yet? It's not too late!


Disclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND special moments?  All thoughts, opinions and possible bellyaches from too much yumminess are all my own.