Favorite Posts of 2012

My girl Natalie gave me the idea of a year in review for the blog. Because I don't have enough on my plate. Thanks, Nat! But seriously, this is pretty cool. I thought I'd join in and tell you about my favorite posts of 2012. It's taking me a while to put it together seeing as I have little recollection of what I did this past weekend. And without further ado (I always forget how to spell that), here we go!


Last January I was gearing up for the 1st anniversary of mami's homegoing. So, these two posts have very big meanings for me. Coincidentally, the names of these posts became the name of my business. Isn't that a doozy? Mami Ink: The Art is all about how I came up with the artwork for what would be my memorial tattoo for mami. While Mami Ink: The Outline shows you what an hour and half of outline looks like. And it's total badassicalness.


Following Your Dream: Stepping Out on Faith was the beginning of what would become Mami Ink Media. It's all about being bold and having faith that your pursuit of your dreams will turn out favorably. Mami Bliss is all about how I found myself headed to Blissdom (and changing the entire outcome of 2012) 48 hours before the conference began.


Of Bliss and Blessings was my recap of the conference. And Tech Mami Tuesday marked my first venture into this series and I featured OneNote which I still pink puffy heart.

Loving You for Two is a letter to the frog princess as I dealt with missing mami and realizing how much she's missing out on by not having her abuela around.


I had the pleasure of reminiscing about an episode in my life where my mami planted A Heart of Giving.

Back to Life, Back to Reality talks about how I must be insane for having enrolled in school. It also talks about how I must have no friends since no one talked me out of this.


Simple Gifts came about after the birth of my cousin's first born. Reminded me of what's important.

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie are thoughts about my aging, cuddly, sleepy and spoiled dog. That I wouldn't trade for the world.

Enough was my mother's day wish for all of you mamis out there. I kinda love this one.

In May, I also wrote a very difficult post called Unspoken Words about molestation.

And I counted My Blessings as I thought about being featured on SITS and The Stir. This was a mini look back and some of the posts that I've written before.


On June 1st, I wrote a Love Letter. And I think it's the most repinned post I've ever had. And I talked about Learning and Letting Go as I enrolled the frog princess in school. Finally, after much planning, doubt and worry, I decided to Leave My Mark in the world.



July had me riding a Wave of Sorrow that I had not expected, learning how do to my own make up and writing a Letter to My Younger Self as I headed off to my high school reunion.


As I headed to BlogHer, I wanted to leave behind a blogume of sorts. In Fifty Shades of Sili, I give you that and so much more!

August also marked the beginning of football season and I decided to take it upon myself to teach you a little about the game with Girls In the ‘Hood. And it marked the end of me being a Mac girl. I tell you all about it in Mamis and Microsoft.


I got to chat more about Football in this vlog post that takes the title for longest time it took to write. Then I tell you a little more about Football with details about the rules and signals. Sadly, it's the last football post I wrote. First, I didn't know if you guys were into learning and second…I was losing in my fantasy league and pissed off and was pouting and didn't wanna write about it. There, I said it!

I also surprised myself with going with the flow when I had a Change of Plans. And I fess up to a big mami fail in this Life Happens post. In September I also celebrated my 2 year blogoversary and I asked you the question: What Does Motherhood Mean to You?


I Fell for IKEA this month. And I also fell for One Thousand Gifts. Oh and I tell you the big secret about how I'm getting women pregnant. And then I get serious and tell you about The Face of Courage.


After Five Days of Halloween at my girl's school, there's no way I wasn't going to write about it. And of course, I wrote about my Vote Counting. The day after the election, my girl MamaDweeb was found on my page with a post titled Not Defeated (she voted for Mitt).

And almost 3 years later, I wrote my birth story and titled it Labor of Love. My heart swelled with pride as I began to pass down my heart of giving and I dug deep into my heart to tell you about how important 28 days can be.


I had a wild idea to play mini-Oprah by having My Favorite Things and it nearly killed me. I started in November but I kicked I up a notch in December. Our Birthday trip to Disney topped the favorites list.

I was thrown into The Dance of grief that no one wants to talk about or admit to as I rounded the holidays. And then Newtown brought me to my knees.

Then I received an email and was excited that I'd get to see the design that IKEA had put together for the frog princess.

And finally, I was supposed to write about my resolutions but instead, I wrote about how Everything Happens for a Reason.

Wow, that was long-winded. I guess I should put "write less" on my to do list for 2013.

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