13 Reasonable Resolutions for 2013


I don’t like resolutions and I rarely write any down. Partially because, who remembers any of them at the end of the year, right? This year, I had my resolutions stolen by Jenny from the Blog. She’s my new bloggie crush and I have mixed feelings about her getting in my head before I had time to sit down and write these resolutions. She totally jumped the gun. Now it means that I have to come up with a new resolutions list. 13 ResolutionsI’m taking a new approach this year. Setting my standards to a reasonable level in order to ensure total resolutionability (see #4 below). Are you ready? Here it goes:

  1. Use fabric softener – I admit, sometimes I forget to use it. And I really want my clothes to smell good. Don’t you? I already started accomplishing this resolution as I decided to buy me some Downy Unstoppable. To be honest, it doesn’t seem too unstoppably to me but, I could be wrong. Any suggestions on fabric softener that will leave my clothes smelling nice even if they, let’s say, stay in the basket for too long would be appreciated. I’d totally put “fold laundry” on the list but, I want to take this one step at a time.
  2. Take baths – I have not taken a bath since the last time I used my Spa Goodie Tin. You know what the sad part is? I have a jacuzzi tub! What a waste. I am resolving to take a bath at least once a month.
  3. Watch a new TV show – I have this in the bag, people! As we were heading out of town for Christmas, I decided to check out this Scandal business everyone’s been talking about. Needless to say I will be indisposed on Thursdays between the hours of 10 and 11 p.m. Please and thank you.
  4. Make up new words – I’m good at this and used to do it all the time. I’ve really gotten caught up in the whole proper language thing. Making up words is fun and it means that as I meet new people and interact with more folks, I can assign fresh new words to their personality, behavior and activities as I see fit. I’m a writer. It’s what I was meant to do.
  5. Buy more yoga pants – I mean, if I’m going to wear yoga pants, I need a better arsenal. Though I’m sure Jai is going to kick my behind and probably race down here to reorganize my closet and set aside special outfits for me on a daily basis (at least, I hope she does).
  6. Go out on dates – I’m tired of being at home. All the time. Don’t get me wrong, I totally don’t want the times when I’d be out every single weekend looking hawt, fabulous and FAUINE with heels, makeup, cute outfit and an entourage back. But, I do miss going to the movies, sitting in an outdoor café or just strolling around the lake without a tiny little hand to hold. I need grown up time. And so, I need dates.
  7. Paint my nails – Brittany from Clumps of Mascara has inspired me. I never paint my fingernails anymore. It seems cumbersome and besides, I can’t Tweet while my nails dry which is bordering on torture. But my hands look totally different and grown up when I paint my nails and, I think I could use some of that business.
  8. Turn 38 – you might think this is a freebie but it’s not. Keeping myself alive and healthy is a huge resolution to keep. What if the Mayans got the dates mixed up or something? Did anyone think about how in every other country the day and month are mixed up? What if someone forgot to carry the one? And let’s not even talk about the whole rapture thing. That could happen at any given point in time. In either case, I’m totally looking forward to checking this one off my list.
  9. Keep my room neat and organized – I’m on like day one of this and I’m kicking ass. Check back with me next week, will you? Inevitably, the underwear gnomes go in there and wreak havoc. Usually while I’m writing or sleeping. I haven’t caught them yet but, I wish they’d use their powers for good. Like folding my laundry.
  10. Send stuff via snail mail – cards, letters, notes, etc. I’m still on a high from getting my cards out for Christmas and feel very ambitious that I can get this done. Though I’m not setting a minimum limit here so, I figure if I send out one thing, I’m checking this off my list. Remember, people! Start small.
  11. Make money – I was let go from my job in September 2011. Since then, I’ve been sorta unemployed though you’d never know from the sheer number of projects that I can talk your ear off about. This year, I am looking forward to making more money freelancing, coaching and socialmediaworkinit. Cuz, that’s how I roll. Also, I need money to buy yoga pants, paint my nails, go on dates and turn 38.
  12. Color – I love coloring. It relaxes me. And it’s kinda fun. Though I don’t always like to color with the frog princess since she gets bossy and wants to color my pictures which means they’re all colored outside of the lines and in one solid color including the eyes which annoys me a little. I guess I should resolve to teaching her how to color but, she’s all “I’m a creative genius” type and might not go with the flow. Really, where does she get this from?
  13. Continue to blog – as I head to my 3rd blogging anniversary, I resolve to continue to blog, become a blogging superstar and remember all of the little people. Now, if only I could get you to share my posts and comment on all of the posts that you like, this list would be complete.

That’s all I got people. Oh I forgot to tell you: I’ve also changed the name of that drink I told you about over on Have Wine Will Drink from the Santa Baby to The Resolution. So I guess maybe I have 14 resolutions since one of them is in liquid form.

Now that I have shared my deepest, most treasured resolutions, share yours! What do you hope to accomplish in 2013?