Finding Love In the Summer


Disclosure: it's summer and I'm juggling all kinds of things. Also, I'm officially in the housing market which is leading to various modes of hyperventilation around space, school districts and monies (feel free to send cash!). All that to say, we're officially on summer schedule and if you want to know what's up in the 'hood, you can check out Instagram, Facebook and the Twitters. Also, be sure to sign up to get updates on the goodness.

I'm in love. It's hard to fall in love these days. But I have found true love, y'all! Let's celebrate:


Okay, I'm back. So, I should give you the details, right? He's a lil cute, young, funny, he listens to me, he cares about my feelings. He has a dog. Oh and he also has a wife.

Get your mind right! You are SOOO nasty, I see what you were thinking!

I found a new doctor!

Yes, this is blog-post worthy! I have found a great OB/GYN and I am over the moon! It is harder to find a great doctor than it is to find a mate. I mean, seriously.

I had to break up with my other doctor. Long story short (I'm sure this has been the main reason for a lot of break ups in this decade): out-of-network.


It can be Diva-stating! I mean seriously. I had to pay out of network costs when I had my surgery a couple of years back. 

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And also: I heard from one of my friends that he asked her a question that I thought was rather none-of-his-ghatdamb-business-why-would-you-ask-questions-around-sexual-orientation-ish. This made the breakup easier because I kinda don't tolerate those shenanigans.

Enniweighs, I have debated whether or not I should tell you about the new guy. Mainly because the last time I told people about a good doctor I couldn't get a damn appointment because he was so popular. Yes, I'm totally taking the credit for his increase in business. They can't prove otherwise so, there's that.

My new doctor came highly recommended by a college friend who worked with him during his days as an intern. The only drawback? He's 12.

Okay, I don't know how old he is but this is my general guess. I think maybe being 12 is what makes him so personable.

He talked to me during my first visit. Like sat down and wanted to know shit. Not the "what's wrong" or "why are you visiting us today" discussions either. I appreciated his candor. I appreciated the fact that he was interested in what I had to say about the endometriosis, that I was heard, that he respects the decisions I've made about the care of my body.

That gets you extra points. I can't say this enough: we are responsible for our health and our healthcare. Doctors are amazing but you need to take an active role in your care.

All good things, folks.

This is the year of Magic and part of the way I'm making magic happen is by recognizing that I must take care of the vessel. This means finding people that are aligned with me and that have the skillset to help me heal. Dr. Chudgar is one of those people. He's officially on the Mamihood team.

But, don't call him. I don't need him taking on any new patients.

How are you practicing self-care this summer?