Green Mami: Recycling Gift Bags

In my quest to be better to this world, I am trying to do a series on green living.  Today, as I was continuing what seems like the interminable move, I ran across some things that made me think of recycling and had me making some decisions.

I have a shitload of gift bags.  They accumulate with every birthday, Christmas, baby shower, etc.  I use some here and there but, inevitably, I still buy some as giving a little boy a Disney Princess gift bag seems inappropriate.  But you know what? I don't care anymore! I am recycling these bags.  I WILL NOT purchase any new bags until I use up all the ones I have.

So, my gifts will come with a note (on recycled paper of course) explaining my reasons for giving grown people gifts with "You're One!" and "congratulations!" on them.  This is how I am going to contribute on the paper front.

What can you do today to be better to mother earth?