#KmartBackToSchool Cuteness


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Also, I'm not responsible for any accidents caused by chair dancing while watching this video. Kmart got my attention this summer with their back to school commercials. I mean really, have you seen the "Yo Mama" commercial? Whoever came up with it had a stroke of genius. "Yo mama is so fiscally responsible, she got all that on free layaway!"  We've begun attempting some of our own "yo mama" jokes at home. My brother and I can't help but smile when we see these.

BUT, when I saw the video below, it turned from laughin' to jammin'.  This is a real kids rap group out of Minneapolis. They range from ages 10 - 13 and can certainly keep us wiggling our butts in our chair with some age appropriate goodness.  Without further ado, here is (I love this title) My Limo by Da Rich Kidzz!

Wasn't that adorable?! I love them! They could be the kids next door (or in the next room). The video reminds me of all of the excitement I felt going back to school each year. The anticipation. The clothes. The Trapper Keepers!

Now, go forth and have this little jam stuck in your head all day long. It's my way of sharing the back-to-school fun with you. You're welcome!

Disclosure: Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart #BackToSchool blogger, though all opinions are my own.