The Lost Art of Handwritten Note Cards


Years ago, when Mami was ill, I asked friends to send cards to let her know that people were praying for her. I was amazed at the response we received. I know she appreciated them.  We usually have a gathering/celebration on the anniversary of her passing and I always pull this box out because I think it's still important to remember these. The handwritten notes of people near and far.

Cards that remind us someone is thinking of us in our time of need are the best!

It makes me sad that we don't do handwritten notes more often. I am SO guilty of this lately. I never sent out thank you notes for my 40th birthday party. I am still working on thank you notes from a job last month and I don't know why.

My main excuse is that I have horrible handwriting that gets worse because I don't practice since I have horrible handwriting. This makes sense, right? Side rant: can we get some of those notebooks that the Frog Princess has to teach her how to write but for adults? Because I totally need it!

Part of my note card stash...

It's actually what prompted this post. I figure now that I've written it, I'm accountable and must send these out! I love buying note cards. I love receiving notes from loved ones. It's a lost art, I think.

I have a small trunk full of birthday cards and letters dating back to high school. My recent favorites are the ones from the BFF during summers. Back when we rarely used email and we would pay for maybe one long distance call during the summer. Gosh, that seems like a million years ago, no?

I'm going to do better. I'm going to bring back the lost art in my home. I love doing this and there's no reason why I shouldn't.

So tell me, do you like handwritten notes? When was the last time you sent one out?