Mami Ink: The Outline

The deed is done. And by deed I mean outline. I drove over tonight wondering if I was really going to go through with it. I had a rough day today. So much so that I thought about maybe not heading over to check out my boy Jorge. As I had the outline put on me I thought "what the hell am I thinking?". It reminded me of labor in that way. It also reminded me of labor in that I thought it would hurt more (don't judge me, the mami brain has tricked me into thinking it didn't hurt so that I can spit out another one. You know how it is!). I'd like to personally thank my girl Not Blessed Mama for telling me it would hurt like hell. And my chick Amanda for telling me it would hurt but just breathe through it (yes, she's the yoga maven). I'll be honest, it didn't NOT hurt. But it hurt a lot less than I expected. Jorge told me that it would feel different on different parts of my back and he was right. As he got closer to my spine the threshold did increase. I was surprised at the fact that when he got to the soft spot closer to my arm it probably ached the most. I can't say it was way painful. Perhaps I'll change my mind with the color. When I got my first tattoo I described it as having someone rubbing their nail on one spot for a long time. I still stand by that description.

I can't describe how I feel right now. I'm still in shock over the fact that I actually did it. Isn't that always the case? In anything you do. It's that first step that scares us the most. You know me, always looking for the lesson. I'll sit on these thoughts and get back to you with a more in-depth analysis.

I have to leave the tattoo covered for another hour and then I must wash it and lotion it up. So, who's coming over to help? If you don't, it's cool. I have plans of taking a spatula, throwing some Aquaphor on it and going to town on the tattoo! It is VERY important that I keep this bad boy moist. In a few weeks, I go back for the color. But tonight, I am in awe at the canvas that my body has become and grateful that I waited to find the right guy at the right shop to get this done.

Oh and, I can't forget this: my girl Jeannie stopped by to check up on me while I was in the chair. It made me feel like a celebrity. I'm thinking that when I get my color done, we need to throw a 'hood party at the shop while some of you get tattoos of your own. What do you say?

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll numb the slight after-tattoo ache with a glass of wine.

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