Mami Meal: Sabroso Saturday!

My new friend Ms. Latina from Latina On a Mission is doing a link up called Sabroso Saturday.  How could I NOT participate? It's perfect timing because I plan on blogging about all of the meals that I will make from my E-Mealz menu this week.  Everyone is interested and I figure if I have a "job" and must blog about it, I'll be motivated to cook (time me, let's see how long THAT lasts!).

Today's meal was Poppy Seed Chicken with White Rice and Broccoli.  The reason I like cooking as opposed to baking is that I believe bakers are neurotic (as opposed to cooks who are just plain old crazy!). You might be asking why I say that. You can never do a pinch or a dash when you bake and replacing and doing more or less of something could lead to disaster.

Well, I thought I had poppy seeds at the house. I remembered a glass jar with black seeds in it.  Alas, they were black sesame seeds instead.  And so, I ended up making Sesame Seed Chicken instead.  If this had been a cake, my kitchen would've probably blown up because of the substitution.  You get my drift.

I also didn't buy any rice because, hello?! I'm Dominican and by law, I must have a reserve 50-lb bag of rice in some corner of the house.  I'm afraid I am in danger of losing my card because I got home and barely had enough rice for this dish (sshhhh, don't tell the Dominican Regime).

Without further adieu, here is my recipe for Sabroso Saturday!  It turned out to be yummy! And, the frog princess ate like a whole head of broccoli which made this mami very happy.

Poppy Seed Sesame Chicken 1.5-2 lbs boneless chicken, cooked, chopped 2 cans cream of chicken soup 8 oz sour cream 1 tube Ritz®-like crackers (2 T poppy seeds, 1 stick melted butter) Rice, enough for your family 1 bunch broccoli

Cover chicken with water in saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover. Cook 15 min. Drain & chop. Place chicken in greased 9x13” casserole dish (I totally forgot to grease! But thankfully, nothing melted in the oven). Combine chicken soup and sour cream; spoon over chicken. Sprinkle crushed crackers and poppy seeds over top; drizzle butter over casserole. Bake @350o, 30 min uncovered, until hot and bubbly. Serve over steamed rice. Cook enough rice for your family. Serve with steamed broccoli.

Here's a picture of my finished product.  Don't you just want a forkful?!

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