Monday Musings: Love Volume I

Could it really be? Do I not remember that exact moment when I first felt my frog princess move inside of me?  I tell you, thank gawd for me writing things down.  Tonight, I was sharing some poetry with a friend and remembered my blogspot site.  I looked through it and found this little nugget.  Today, I am most grateful and blessed for this poem which brought with it a flood of memories.  The first time I saw her heartbeat (at 6 weeks), finding out she was a girl (at 18 weeks), remembering how blessed I felt being pregnant, how I had never felt more beautiful and how I never thought that moment would come because I'd been diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 26.  And how, in the early morning of June 18th, I felt the very first flutter of the little girl growing inside of me. But here she is.  And here, is the poem...

Love Volume I

There have been no words dedicated to you No poem to tell you how I feel No volumes explaining this journey No verse to make this magic real

It has taken me 10 weeks of thinking And feeling guilty at not working my craft All it took was a few minutes before dawn And at the simplicity I just laughed

Saved up deep in my heart Was this wish I couldn’t speak Although mothering’s apparent The force of it had made me weak

Years have passed where I have questioned Whether I’d ever see this day To stand before a mirror And see things look a different way

But here I am after all this time Feeling a flutter as I laid still Amazed and humbled by the thought That all that matters is God’s will

You were made in perfect calm With assurances of love and dedication Without the stresses of daily life We ended up with a perfect creation

I’m overwhelmed with feelings of joy As God looked down and smiled At the moment that my life forever changed When I finally felt my child © 2009

Mondays are usually The Suck but, if you take a moment to think about something wonderful, your week will begin in a fabulous way!  What are you grateful for today?