Mami Swagger: Body Rock

Do ya’ll remember when I started the Ripped In 30 workout? Did you miss it? Well if you did not read that one post then you did because I never went back to the workout. I miss having an accountability partner. And I miss having someone call me on my BS. Why do we need that anyway? I don’t know about you but, I know that I need support when I work out.

Before I get the hate mail, I know I’m a skinny bitch. But I’m also ridiculously out of shape. My butt (which at 27 was in such fantastic shape, even women stared at it) has now decided to stop defying gravity and head south somewhere to the back of my knees. Short shorts are obscene these days.

Enter the insanity. I was chatting with my girl Lu one day and lo and behold, we talked about being accountability partners with this business. Months went by until last week we started talking about it again, this time, recruiting Natalie. We decided to just go for it and yesterday, we posted our first workout to our new Facebook group and actually went about the business of working out. We ensnared Yanira and all of a sudden it was a blogger body rock group of four.

I was the first to work out. Twelve minutes a day. We all have that time, right? For me, working out has become a necessity. Lately I have been experiencing extreme fatigue among other things. I got a checkup and all looks well. This seems to be stress/mood related. I have to snap out of it because I have way too much going on to grind to a halt. I know that working out will increase my energy and help me feel better. I also found out I have a fibroid and I’ll probably be getting surgery in the next few months. I want to make sure I’m fit for when I can’t do much.

Thing is: I can’t move my arms. I had to stop and suck bad wind during the TWELVE minute workout. It was that intense. My thighs are also singing a low tune that only lactic acid can make.

But I’m glad I did it and I’m glad that today, when I started to make the excuse that I couldn’t work out because my hair got did (colored girls don’t like to sweat into a brand new hot comb style), I was told to suck it up and do the work. And, do the work I will.

You know, if I can manage to move my arms. Tell me, do you have an accountability partner for your workouts? Wanna join us?