The Five Days of Halloween


Here is the Halloween recap you have all been waiting for! Or maybe not. But read on anyways. Halloween 2012 was rather uneventful. I didn’t go to any Halloween weddings this year. I didn’t get road rage for going to a local shopping mall to trick or treat for 3 pieces of candy.

The frog princess decided early on that she wanted to be a pirate princess. But, being the compassionate child that she is, she wanted to share the wealth. And so she assigned us costumes. I was to be a pirate princess just like her. At first you think, ugh, what am I going to wear?! But when you then hear your child tell you that she would like her daddy to be a niiiice pumpkin, you kinda feel like you didn’t draw the short stick.

Being my child, she did not stop there. She announced a couple of weeks ago that she wanted her ‘uelo (my dad) to be a lizard. And that she also wanted my cousin and the monkey king (his son) to be lizards. Of course, that wasn’t enough for her. We read a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween story where all the characters dressed up. Apparently, Goofy’s costume really spoke to her because she announced later that she wanted her uncle Pete to dress up as a skeleton just like Goofy.

Let the record show that he did not dress up. He claims that it was because of his workload as he has portfolio review this term and doesn’t sleep & we hardly see him but as far as I’m concerned, that’s more of a reason to dress up. He did go to a Halloween party as a werewolf though but due to the R-rated scary nature of the costume (it was really scary, ya’ll) the kid never saw it.

But it wasn’t just about Halloween this year. No-o-o-o-o. Can I tell you that her school had spirit week and that we have basically dressed up every day this week? Because she did. Let me give you a recap:

Monday: Pajama Day


Contrary to popular belief, I actually changed her out of the pajamas that she slept in. Purely out of guilt and possibly because I knew I’d be writing this.

Tuesday: 70’s Day

IMAG1486  IMAG1489  IMAG1502

This has been by far, my favoritest day this week. The picture on the left is how I sent her to school and the following pictures are how she came home. Suffice it to say that her hair grew during the day to what I believe was the perfect ‘fro. My brother called her baby Hendrix and of course, being a guitarist, he demanded pictures be taken with her rockin’ it out. What do you think?

Wednesday: Halloween

IMAG1503  IMAG1517  IMAG1519

After demanding that I get her a bigger hat than the one that came with her costume, and wearing it around the house days prior to the 31st, the frog princess decided that she really did prefer a crown instead. On Halloween. At 7:32 a.m! Thankfully, I had the crown from her first Halloween handy (minus a few jewels) and voila! Notice the happy pumpkin.

We headed off to trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood and met up with a group of parents and kids. We fell right in line with them and made it down one block and back again on the other side of the street. Shortly after passing our own house the frog princess announced that she wanted to go home. I think it took us longer to get dressed than it did to trick-or-treat. That being said, she had been a pirate princess all. day. long. I’m sure it was exhausting.

We did not take Chico Mendes trick-or-treating with us but when the frog princess and her dad sat outside to hand out treats, we thought we’d take Chico Mendes out for a few minutes while he was still in character.


As you can see, he was thrilled!

Thursday: “When I Grow Up” Day

You can imagine, by the time Thursday rolled around, I was slightly exhausted and out of ideas. Especially with this one. I considered sending her to school in her pajamas and then having her tell everyone she was a freelance writer. Or perhaps she could don some sort of dressy businessy thing and tell people she was an IT project manager. Lord knows she’s bossy enough at home.

But when I started pulling out things to try on her, she said no. I asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me she didn’t want to grow up. That she wanted to be her. And so, the easiest costume this week was born:


Friday: Crazy Day

Tomorrow (well, today since I’m posting this after midnight) is another day. It is crazy day. And so, I will find myself pulling things out of the closet randomly (because having to figure out what to pack for lunch isn’t stressful enough!). I think maybe a tutu with whatever else I can find. That’s crazy enough, right?

I’m hoping you had a less hectic Halloween. What did you and/or your munchkins dress up as?

Update: Here's the Friday getup...