Mami's Favorite Things: Music

I grew up in a house full of music.  There were impromptu get togethers, holiday parties, birthdays, etc. There were also, “Friday night is cleaning night” parties. The common thread was always music. I sometimes look around and find the house incredibly still. Knowing what an impact music has on me, I’m always shocked that there isn’t music playing 24/7 at home.  There are times when I feel a void in my life that can only be filled with sweet rhythms that my body reacts to like an involuntary reflex.

With everything that’s been going on, I have promised myself more music.  The Sirius XM Portable Dock and radio are set up at my desk and I can feel an immediate effect of the music feeding my creative spirit.

There are times when I am in a mood and the only thing that helps me is throwing on some Maxwell or perhaps a little Jay-Z. One never knows what the subconscious might respond to. Will it be Carlos Vives or will it be Journey? Ah, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your pleasure or however you come about this, I can say with certainty that music has the ability to influence how we feel.  And right now, I feel good.

It helps that my holiday shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. If you are not on the same boat as I am, I suggest you head on over to Radio Shack and get this problem resolved ASAP. Not only do they have great deals on your favorite products but you get $10 back for every $50 you spend. Hello? Great excuse to spend more (or, at least that’s my reasoning).

In any case, I wanted to share another favorite thing and because there’s a slight chance that you are not going to be thrilled with whatever is under the tree tomorrow, I’m giving you a chance to win your very own Portable Dock and radio.


If you head over to Have Wine, Will Drink, I'm sharing my very special Christmas cocktail. I call it the Santa Baby.

Sending you tons of love and light during this most special time!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: I was provided with this product for a giveaway months ago and kept it hidden away in my closet for the right time. I think it’s the right time. All opinions, thoughts and two-steps are entirely my own.