Music Makes the Mami Go 'Round

Tons of work on my plate tonight. I wanted to relax a little so I started playing some videos on YouTube.  One video led to another and suddenly, I felt like a DJ and simply had to post the links to my FB page! Music has always had this ability to open up my heart, relax me and remind me of a time matter how stressed I get, I can always play a few jams and get a smile on my face.

Whether it's Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Melissa Etheridge, The Goo Goo Dolls, Paul Abdul, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, or Carlos Vives.  It doesn't matter because each rhythm has a special chord that reaches deep down in your soul.  That's the beauty of music, isn't it? That it can touch you somewhere in the muddy waters of your soul and pull out a fresh cup of water, clear as air. I mean, I don't care what kind of day you are having, if you hear Prince's P**** Control or Sexy MF, how does it make you feel?

Well, maybe it's just me but songs can make me feel like I got all of my mami swagger back.  They can remind me of a certain outfit I wore long ago, or a group of friends that I used to hang out with.  Music can transcend time and space along with emotion.

What song brings you to a happy place?  What song do you like to listen to when you're feeling down? Now if you'll excuse me, Robin Thicke is calling my name with one of his songs.  I'll let you guess which one...