My Word of the Year for 2018


This past month has been filled with lots of activity. Both good and bad. Basically sums up 2017 for me. I came out of this past year better grounded, whole in a spiritual sense and having lived louder than I ever had in the past, thereby embodying a savagery I hadn't known before. In spite of the trials and tribulations, I still felt unfuckwithable at a level of consciousness that I hadn't experienced in a long time, if ever.

Those were my words last year. Unfuckwithable was my main word with grounded, savage and whole being the anchor words.

Anchor words serve as a way to guide you back to your word of the year. And the word of the year? It's supposed to embody the way you want to live and the word that will define your actions and your goals.

My homegirl, Lucrecer and I had a grand old time on Facebook Live recently discussing the ins and outs of words of the year. If you missed it, here it is:

Coincidentally, Lu is making art with my words for the year (and yours too, if you'd like) and I cannot wait to have them in my possession!). I gave up on resolutions a while ago and Lu has added on to the idea of a word of the year with her anchor words.

2018 finds me at a stop sign, so to speak. My girls have been telling me to sit my ass down for a minute and when I started thinking about and meditating on my word, this was prime in my mind. I initially thought my word would be reset because there's so much that has to be restarted in terms of relationships, goals, and paths. But ultimately, as the days went on, I continued to have experiences, conversations and revelations that led me elsewhere.

My word of the year is: intentional. Merriam-Webster defines the word as:

1done by intention or design intended 

2a of or relating to epistemological intention
b having external reference

For me, the definition delves deeper into my expectation of self and that which I will manifest in the coming year.

INTENTIONAL: Being deliberate in word and deed. Practicing care in the people, places and things that are set about me so that only that which is truly meant for my greater good is in my surroundings. Being still and allowing my body, mind and spirit the time and space needed to make the moves which I am guided to make and letting no one move me from that which is best for all involved.

My anchor words tie back to my word and form the gestalt of my direction in the coming year.

Unapologetic: needing no apology for my responses and decisions which are based on my guidance and intuition. Being clear in my intent while carrying myself with integrity in all manners and as such, requiring no apologies when decisions have to be made that others might not understand. Needing no qualification outside of the one between the Universe and I.

Magical: Embracing of my full self and that which I was born into and out of. Making the impossible possible and capable of producing whatever results I set my mind to with strength and ease. Honing the skills and tools within at my disposal for my greater good.

Fierce: harnessing my emotions and intensity into being deliberate, precise and completely clear on my target with marksman precision so that I am living out my goals in harmony with my greatest good.

Let's see what this year brings along now that I have my words. Next up! Vision boards. Followed by some deep diving into goals thanks to The Planning Collective.

Do you pick a word of the year? If you haven't yet don't fret. And if you need suggestions, we have a running list over in The Planning Collective's Facebook page. Join us! We have stickies!