New Years Resolutions

Yes, I know I'm late and it may seem to you like I am not starting the year off right. Well, maybe you're right but, so what? Are you sticking to your resolutions (I'm not talking to the goodie goodie two shoes that are! ;-) I resolved to blog more regularly this year. I'm not sure what I was thinking. In the last 2 weeks the following things have taken place: I went out of town for Christmas weekend, my mami as admitted to the hospital Christmas Eve (and stayed there for 2 weeks), I finished up the last week at my old job, I started a FABULOUS new gig that has me jumping up in the air for joy and freaked out about all I have to learn, my baby started walking, I've been dealing with my dad's steady relapse (though I can't call it that because I don't know if he ever stopped) into alcoholism as he deals with my mom's illness not to mention the general ups and downs of mamihood.

The great part is that in that time, I have come up with some FANTASTIC blogs. I even started writing them in my head. Sadly, the mami brain erases the blogs 5 minutes after I think about them. I am in technology so perhaps I should try to come up with some brain chip that would record my train of thought. Wait a minute, that's a little scary. Nevermind.

But I digress. What was I talking about? Ah, yes! Blogging! I am going to do it more. Part of it is that I've been dealing with some serious topics and I don't think you guys want to hear about all of that. I want to keep this blog funny and fun and light. But I also want to keep it real and if anything that I experience makes someone's life a bit easier then I guess I will need to write about my experiences.

I won't do it today but, I'll try my best to write about my current experiences. So, hang in there for me and stay tuned...