On Writing

I love this quote:

In the last few weeks I've had to really think hard about what it is that I'm doing on this blog. What my messages are, where I want to go. It started with the redesign and the rewrite of my about me page. And inevitably it has come to a head as I prepare to be a community leader at BlissDom. I'm helping lead the writing community.

I started this blog because I've always considered myself a writer. And blogging gave me an outlet to share with you my writing and of course, my heart. But I think that towards the end of last year, I lost my way. Got caught up with "making money" and getting ambassadorships or working with specific brands.

Recently, after much work, conversations and emails I was told one of the brands I thought I'd be a "shoe in" for passed me up. I was upset only because I felt that I'd invested a lot of time with this brand and it amounted to nothing. It's that blogger warning of "don't ever work for free or they'll never pay you."

But there's a lesson in everything.  And here I am. Tired of fretting about my numbers, my followers, my likes. Remembering my passion for writing. Because if you weren't reading this post, I'd still be writing.

And that's the thing about writers. We must never really forget our passion for the craft. We stray because, well, that's just what happens sometimes. But inevitably we return to center.

And my center is pretty clear. I love to write. I actually think I'm good at it. I won my first writing award in the 6th grade and I've never looked back. I published a poetry book in college and one a few years back (feel free to purchase a copy). I edited that book. I did the cover, I set the type. And I loved every minute of it because it allowed me a way to connect. With my words, I connected with all that would read it and I loved that.

I have a lot to say (surprise, surprise) and so I'm going to get back to doing what I love. Getting the most out of my words. I'm going to get back to writing for myself because in doing that I connect with you best.

Have you ever lost your way and had to right your course? How did you do it?