I'm Not a Player I Just Plan a Lot


I've been busy, y'all. This is why I can't have nice things, like holiday weekends and such. What drives me to this? I want to be organized! So I create systems to get me there (full disclosure: it's my own brand of procrastination. You're welcome).

In 2015 I brought you the blog planner Organizada and now, here we are on the cusp of 2017 and of course, I gotta bring you the business. This time, it's not one or two BUT three planner!

I mean, it's not even my fault! I blame it all on Amiyrah! You see, I already had the idea to refresh the organizer but was not motivated due to the leading up to and finalization of the move. Except that I told my girl she should put a planner together and when she called me to collaborate, I couldn't say no.

Once those 2 were in the planning stages, I remember folks asking for a entrepreneur's planner. And I already knew what it would be called and what it would have inside after surveying some folks. So, why not three?

It's like having kids, no? As I sit here waiting for the sun to rise I realize more and more how true that statement is. Sigh. I'm tired but happy.

The planner pre-orders are launching today for Cyber Monday. Want to know more about them and how they will ensure success in 2017? Let me introduce you to the trio that will change your life in ...drum roll please...


Organizada: A Blogger's Guide to Getting It Together™

Your one-stop shop planner for bloggers including monthly planner, goals and overviews, income and expense tracking, social shares tracking, weekly calendars to track your posts and their social shares and a long list/short list model to ensure you’re knocking out that to do list. All of this and more in a sleek, undated planner in its original 6x9 size for the 2.0 version.



The Full Life Planner: A Woman's Guide to Thriving™

Keeping life on track with monthly goals, budget and calendar pages. But more than that, this planner also provides pantry lists, weekly meal plans, a long list/short list model to guarantee that you’re knocking out the to do list and a monthly recap that will remind you of your accomplishments and get you pumped for the following month. All in a compact and undated 6x9 planner. I mostly want to hoard this for myself because these last couple of months have derailed me from all meal planning, grocery shopping and budgeting (but don't tell Amiyrah otherwise, she might disown me).




Jefa: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success™

Spanish for Boss Lady, Jefa (pronounced heh-fah) is sure to keep you focused on your business with monthly strategy pages and calendar, budget tracking, long list/short list for the long to do list, monthly recaps to keep you on track to the quarterly goals you’ve set your sights on. All this and a little more on top in a portable, undated 6x9 planner.



These pre-orders will come with a special gift and are priced, for a limited time, at $34.95!

Do you have a favorite? It's okay if you have more than one. We planned for that to happen so, be sure to check out the bundles we created at special prices. You won't be disappointed!



What do you say? Are you ready to thrive? You know we are!