Seven is magicIndivisible, austere. Seven reminds me of the time that has passed Since the very first day you got here. Frog-Princess-Day-1.jpg

Seven has taught me to love Beyond the expansion of my heart Seven has taught me to ache For the moments when we're apart.

Seven reminds me of my strength As I pour and help build you your own Seven reminds me of the child within That sometimes wishes she'd never grown.

Me, the summer before moving to NYC.

Seven has made me a fighter Taking on the world in all its spaces In order to give you the universe Where Black girl magic fills all the places.


Seven has seen me swallow my pride And make choices for someone other than me I hope you will learn from my mistakes And that the truth you'll clearly see.


Seven. Indivisible. Whole. True.

Seven is gratitude personified Seven is loving you.

frog_princess_mami_7_1 frog_princess_mami_7 frog_princess_mami_7_lean frog_princess_mami_7_kiss