Sunday Blessings: Messages

My blog late on Friday confessing that I wasn't feeling the holidays stirred up some emotions.  It also allowed me to be free from that sense and feeling and focus on the reason for the season.  Thanks to all who sent messages and left comments.  I firmly believe that we all serve a purpose in the divine.  Regardless of what you believe, I am convinced that there's a reason for you being here, reading this blog, right at this moment in your life.  Most times it's not even so that you can get something out of it but, so that you can help me (and others) on our particular journey. I'm not going to get too metaphysical here.  The sermon on Christmas Eve was about getting beyond ourselves during this season. Beyond our feelings of hurt, sorrow and sadness. It was deep and thought-provoking as most, if not all, of Dr. Hunter's messages are.  If you want a more concise explanation, you'll have to check it out for yourself as I'm terrible at paraphrasing sermons.  I equate it to me eating an orange.  When I'm done with it, all that's left is the stuff that I couldn't eat and who wants to put that in their mouths afterwards? In the same fashion, I digest the Word, take out all of the juices and it takes me a while to digest and my body to produce it as nourishment for another (pretty deep, eh? Bet you never thought a sermon was like an orange).

Right after church, I received a message from a kindred spiritual being.  My brother from another mother.  A man that I once shared the stage with. A beautiful dancer with an even more beautiful soul.  To anyone else who might read the message, it might sound harsh.  But knowing him as I do, his words came straight from the heart, with nothing but love and sprinkled with quite a few messages from my mami.

At the root of it was the same message I'd heard minutes prior.  There's more to it than you.  More to it than this pain and in order for me to continue the work that I feel I was put on this earth to do (including shepherding my frog princess along), I need to put my big girl panties on and get going!  As I read his message all I could do was smile and nod in agreement. With that, I was able to enjoy my Christmas Eve as best as I could and I have been able to find peace on this Christmas Day.

I love that as connected beings, we can reach the heart and soul of someone else.  That we can minister with words when actions do not (and vice versa).  That a sorrowful confession on Friday turned into a lesson taught on Saturday and a smiling heart on Sunday.

It is my deepest hope that all of my readers (who I consider family and friends probably because most of you are just that) have found the reason for the season in these past few days.  That you've looked beyond the presents under the tree and looked around to see the presence of those that count.  That you are leading your life with purpose in spite of the hurt, sorrow or disappointments that you might be feeling.

Consider this my Christmas message.  May this coming year lead you to your purpose and may you find or remember the reason not just for the season but for your being.

How was your Christmas?