Techy Tuesday: The Summit In Seattle

Disclosure: I am a Microsoft Office Ambassador (aka Champion). I was on this trip in order to get lots of information on products & services and in order to hug my friends. All opinions are my own. Last week I spent a little time in Seattle. For the record, let me just say that every time I go there, I think to myself "I could live here". Seattle is beautiful and it didn't help that we were at The Edgewater Hotel.

I loved everything about the place. Yes, there was a fireplace in my room and yes, I turned it on every night (don't judge me!).

Where do I begin?

So, problem #1: I can't remember what it is that I'm not supposed to tell you about. I should probably go back and read my documents but let's see how this brain dump turns out. In the!


Windows 10:

Need it, want it, gotta have it. That's really all I have to say about this little situation. I'll be downloading the Beta and seeing all of the cool amazing things that I saw presented on my very own screen.


Are you guys tired of hearing me talk about OneNote (hint: the answer is hell no)? For those of us that use WordPress, I want to tell you that there's now a way for us to turn all of our musings from OneNote into a blog post. Check out the how-to here.

Microsoft Band:Band_Calibrating

I was giddy when  I got my band. And now, I'm slightly deflated because I have a better understanding of what it truly means for me to be sleep deprived. I'll be chatting about this in-depth later so, don't forget to check back.

I can go on and on and on about the products, right? However, I think this recap has more to do with the people. I'm a relationship person, you guys know that. I can say this was the BEST summit I have attended and it was because of these folks right here:


I learned so much from my fellow champions. Sarah inspired me to get my shit together and create a standard editorial calendar (I had one but I needed a little more focus that she totally provided). Jen has me jammin' to her own mix of "I work from home" and all of the fabulous ways that she uses Office 365. Kristin just inspires me to be fabulous and write more. Because of this trip, you guys are going to see some BIG changes on this blog. If you don't like them, now you know who to blame. I can go on and on and on about this crew. They're amazeballs!

Giving Back

I was completely blown away by the YouthSpark presentation. Microsoft was the focus of my final in the corporate responsibility course I took and I knew a lot of what was being done but hearing it amongst this group was energy shifting. I hope to work with my fellow champions on some social goodness. Because not only do we love to bring you great products to make your life seamless with technology, I think we all want to help others because we understand how genuinely blessed we are to be here doing this work.

If you missed Friday's post (how dare you!), here's probably my fave pic of me during this trip (though in all honesty, I think Kristin and Sarah have some badassery in their cameras. I'll share those when I see them!).

Sili Microsoft Sign

I feel like Scarface in this picture. If Tony Montana was addicted to social good and technology instead of coke, that is. Because: geekery. The world is mine, people! You want sommadis?!