The Potty Papers: Ready...

If this was a race, we would be at the stands (or rocks or whatever the hell it is that you call those little block thingies that the people put their feet on before they take off running around the track). Well, actually, if this was a race, we'd be still stretching. I have a potty.  I even have a seat cover.  I have some Pampers® Easy Ups.  I have a kid.  That should do it, right?  Well, not exactly.  Although she used to like sitting on the potty, ever since we moved she's not really interested.  Even in the mornings when she wakes up dry (which I get VERY excited about).  I do a little excited dance and she dances along with me and then I say, let's go pi-pi (that's Spanish for pee-pee ;-) ). She stops dancing, looks at me with her non-chalant attitude and says no.

She follows me into the potty anyway and sometimes she'll sit on the potty.  But most times, she likes to wait til I'm on the potty and peeing (because everyone says I have to model for her) and then she gets up from her potty, diaper-free and makes a run for it.  The frog princess thinks this is hilarious.  Me?  Not so much. Of course about 2 minutes after this, she overfills her diaper with the contents that SHOULD be in the potty.

I have a few potty picture books but she's not interested in those  and she loves books! What happened?  I have even resorted to bringing the potty to the family room to see if she'll sit in it while she's watching a television show.  Although she can go into a deep trance where she recites everything that's on TV and will not listen to the calls of her name, she notices sitting on the potty and does not do it.  I can't fool her!

Alas, I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I thought she was ready.  She's peed in it before.  She even POOPED in it once! I took a picture but won't post it here because I'm sure I'm the only interested enough in poop to take a picture of it.  In my defense, I'm trying to capture all her firsts!

I feel like we are going from ready to...none.  Any potty training suggestions?

After hitting "publish" on this blog, the frog princess got on all fours and I heard the pee hitting the diaper.  When I told her she should tell me when this was going to happen, she proceeded to get Freddy, the teddy and sit him on the potty. She was having a few conversations with him but I'm afraid she was reciting everything I've been telling her.  Right down to the clapping!