Welcome to My Mamihood...

I wanted my mamihood to be glamorous! Heels, seasonal dresses and the hair properly done in the manner which I was accustomed to. But alas, that is not how it is meant to be. Half the time I have some sort of puke or drool on my outfit and although Tameka Sparrow (Salon Namora) tries her best to keep me looking fly, I'll be lucky if my hair makes it to her hands once a month.

As I type this I am berating myself for being reckless enough to actually be awake @ 12:15 a.m. after the frog princess, now almost 10 months old, has had a bout of an insane sleep schedule in the last couple of weeks. But, that's me: reckless. Well, not really.

I am a Mami. And I love it. Even with drool on my clothes and my hair out of place, I can't think of any other job I would love to have more than this one. And I think it's about time I began to chronicle this wonderful, scary, exhilarating journey that I have been blessed with. Oh and I am also: late to everything these days, exhausted, giddy with joy, an IT project manager during daylight hours, a lactivist (I'll blog about this later), a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend and dammit still beautiful, exciting and completely in love with this crazy life of mine.

So, welcome to my mamihood!