What I Know For Sure: On Living

Don't let anyone shrink your awesome in order to fit into their limited world.

Don't let anyone shrink your awesome in order to fit into their limited world.

Yesterday, I shared what I knew about Mamihood. Today, I share my simple thoughts on living. 

  1. Self-absorbed people have no idea you exist: this is true and I'd write more here but if you're self absorbed you'll probably hand this over to the person sitting next to you and tell them it's for them. All that to say, take it with a grain of salt and keep it moving because your words are lost on them.

  2. People will treat you the way you allow: set the tone for how you expect to be treated and treat others the way you want them to treat you. I saw a pin that puts it succinctly: do no harm, but take no shit.

  3. Expectations: just because you risk giving of yourself doesn't mean someone will take a chance on your generosity. Smile and move on.

  4. Own your feelings: the 2nd worst thing you can do is trivialize someone's feelings. The worst thing you can do is believe someone that does that. Own your feelings! You are not obliged to make someone understand them.

  5. Stand in Your Awesome: It's easy to walk away from something that doesn't serve you once you realize who you serve. Don't let anyone shrink your awesome in order to get you to fit into their limited world.

  6. Excuses: Don't make excuses for people. Let them stand on their actions. They always speak louder than words.

  7. Obstacles: they're put here to test your resolve. Once you understand that, those brick walls will come crashing down.

  8. Honor your story: you're the only one that can tell it. Never compare your reality with someone else's because only they know their story in the same way that only you know yours.

  9. On setting the bar: my dad used to tell me that I wasn't better than anyone but no one was better than me. That statement flips ego around and what you end up with is confidence. Set the bar high for yourself, you'll make it.

  10. Grace: this is one of my favorite sayings. Mainly because I have to look in the mirror and tell myself these things. When things aren't going the way you think they should, the kindest thing you could ever do is to show yourself some grace.

What did I miss?

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