What I Know For Sure: On Love


Yup, we got to the love portion of the list. What can I say? Mamihood on Monday, living on Tuesday and love, smack dab in the middle of your week. Grab some wine a cup of coffee and let's get to it.

If you don't learn the lesson, you'll keep getting the test.

If you don't learn the lesson, you'll keep getting the test.

  1. If you don't learn the lesson, you'll keep getting the test: this doesn't just apply to love but I find that until I learn that "one lesson" from a relationship, I keep getting presented with the same damn test (and it's usually packaged in the form of a beautiful man).

  2. Stand your ground: unlike the shaky Florida law, this one is created to protect you, believe it or not. Stand your ground in your beliefs, your standard and your expectation. Lowering any of those will lead to a very unhappy life.

  3. Love your way out of a broken heart: I know it's hard. I know some days it might be unbearable. But being resentful or regretful does nothing for your soul. Un clavo saca otro clavo (one nail will take out another). And so, I believe that only love can heal you after love breaks your heart.

  4. Risk your heart: you never know who God is going to put in your life. Stay open to the experiences! Don't be afraid! I'm so blessed to know so many outstanding people that came into my life by "coincidence." Risk your heart! How else will you be able to live fully?

  5. Don't be afraid: to love, to like, to be interested, to ask for a phone number, to request a date. Don't be afraid. Stand in your awesome and own how you feel!

  6. Forgive: forgiveness has nothing to do with what has happened to you and everything to do with how you choose to move forward. Broken heart? Rejection? Hurtful words? Forgive. You'll find you smile a little more at the person in the mirror. It's because your soul is a little lighter without the burden of a grudge.

  7. Take the hint: y'all ever read He's Just Not That Into You? It's a short book that packs a big punch. And it goes back to the fact that men would rather poke out their left eye with a hot needle than blatantly reject you. As women, I think we fail a great deal when we don't stop to look at the actions and instead, listen to the empty words. Take the hint. Whether it's a guy that doesn't know how to let you down or a guy that is trying to get your attention. Pay it some mind!

  8. When they're into you, you'll know: A man that wants you can't be kept away by nuclear explosions or zombie apocalypses.

  9. Don't make excuses: Maya Angelou said, "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." That means that you have to take an honest and hard look at yourself and what you choose to make excuses for.

  10. I believe in it: though time passes and life continues on, I still believe in love. I believe that I will find it (it's on my vision board, folks), I believe that it exists all around me. Deep down what I know for sure about love is that it is everywhere. I adore the movie Maleficent. Because it allowed us a glimpse at love's true kiss and reminded me that there's love everywhere and not just with a boy/girl. I love love. I love seeing it, I love feeling it. And I firmly believe in its power.

And here's an extra one taken from a letter I wrote to the Frog Princess on my 37th birthday: Love. Fully. Entirely.  Leave it all on the mat. You will be hurt but let me tell you , there’s nothing like the feeling of loving with no restraints, putting it all out there, that you gave it your all.  Because the love you give never disappears. Even if that person seems to absorb it and give nothing in return. It’s like a boomerang.

What'd I miss?

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