What Not to Call a Little Girl

I have laughed at many, many jokes from The Onion. I'm a fan of sarcasm and speak the language fluently. Let me say I caught like 15 minutes of the Oscar red carpet as I tossed balloons with the frog princess. I did manage to catch a glimpse at Quvenzhané Wallis (best actress nominee) and her mom on the red carpet. She seemed like an excited 9 year old. Poised but still 9.

I didn't watch the Oscars. Too much to do and besides, reading the Tweets is much more fun. I'll be honest. That first hour I was watching OWN and taking notes on Life Class. So imagine my shock when I saw this:

I felt queasy when I read it. For a lot of reasons but mostly because I don't care how sarcastic you are and how much bullshit you put out there, saying this about a 9 year old is NOT right. She's 9. And now you get to revel in whatever press you'll get out of this and be retweeted and written about at nauseum.

It took a lot of thinking for me to post this because I don't wish to give them any additional press but as a parent I have to say that this crossed the line. You're calling a 9-year old a cunt. Really?!

There's nowhere in any book where this is okay. I hope that Quvenzhané Wallis does not read that but unfortunately with the way that news travels, I'm sure some reporter will ask her how it feels to be thought of as a cunt. Because that's just how we roll these days.

The Onion lost a follower today. It probably won't matter in the long run. They have nearly 5 million followers so, what's losing one here and there, right?

Let's talk. I'm hoping it's just me being a complete Mami right now and going mama bear on someone but, this sick feeling in my stomach is not going away.  Does anyone else have a sinking feeling when you read these words? Like if this one thing is okay, what else will be acceptable? Or am I reading too much into this?