Year 6


The first blog on this site is dated 9/29/10. But, it's because I hit publish in the middle of the night. And I think that started a trend I have yet to be able to break. This writing of mine in the midst of darkness seems to be a thing. Six years ago today, I worked on this blog with a general idea. Because I wanted to write. I've always wanted to write. Well, I've always written. But, maybe I was finding my place in the world when this thought sparked action. Maybe I was finding the flow that would bring me to today.

Welcome to the 'hood

"I am a Mami. And I love it. Even with drool on my clothes and my hair out of place, I can’t think of any other job I would love to have more than this one. And I think it’s about time I began to chronicle this wonderful, scary, exhilarating journey that I have been blessed with. Oh and I am also: late to everything these days, exhausted, giddy with joy, an IT project manager during daylight hours, a lactivist (I’ll blog about this later), a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend and dammit still beautiful, exciting and completely in love with this crazy life of mine.

So, welcome to my mamihood!" (read the rest of the first short blog here)

Today I sit at my desk, misty-eyed in frustration of what is happening in this world. This blog led to more activism and advocacy work than I had ever thought. I still feel like an accidental activist, though.

We Won't Wait

Last week, I had the grand pleasure of sitting in a room with women from around the country at the We Won't Wait summit in Washington D.C. I was inspired by them. Most of all, I was renewed by coming together with my friends (some of which I love to pieces but who I might not have physically seen until last week) and having the chance to speak to and listen to women who have experienced our deepest nightmares as mothers of Black children.

We smiled for pictures because we loved being in close proximity with one another. But to say it was intense is an understatement.


No coincidences, right? So here I am today. This space is 6 and in this past year, I've not written as much as I wanted to.

Life is happening all around and sometimes it's easier to drop a status on the FB page or my personal profile (where you can follow as I do lots of public posts). At other times, it's easier to just sit and wonder about how to do the work. Or to shed a tear or two.

These past 6 years have brought me from a Senior IT Project Manager position through this blog space, Mamihood Media under The 'Hood's umbrella to MomsRising. How did I get here? Grace, I suppose.

I'm very grateful for the work that I do. Grateful to be able to sit down for a meal with the mother of a boy killed in the streets of Florida and see her radiant smile and her heart filled with love, pain and purpose.


I'm humbled to hold space for the people I meet. Humbled to be here. Humbled to be able to lend a hand in doing this work. 

I love the 'hood. Love the people that I have had the pleasure to share energy with. The people that have taken the time to know me through my rants, my raves, my grief and my joy.

My Hopes for 6

I hope to be here in 6 more years. But the thing(s) that I hope and pray for in regards to this blog? I hope it makes you think. I hope my stories inspire you in whatever way you need so that you can walk forth in your purpose.

Also, I hope that you are learning something in this space. That you open up your eyes and heart and help us to the work. The work is important because we need to dismantle the systems that have been in place for so long and have made it impossible for Black and Brown people to feel safe in these streets. It's real outchea!

Six feels solemn. But it also feels steady. And strong. There's joy and stability in 6. New house, new car, new school for the Frog Princess. Life is changing and I am grateful for it all.

I try my best to remember where it all began.

Most of all, I am grateful that you are reading these words and hope that something I say in all these spaces I occupy makes a difference in your world.