Confessions of a Truck Driver's #DeliciousMoments

Luis and Breyers Disclosure: I am a Breyers ambassador but this post was written by a fellow ice cream lover.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing a little happiness to those around me. Especially when I have no idea I'm doing it. Imagine my SURPRISE when, after going to an all-girl gathering at my friend Yadira's house and innocently bringing them some Breyers ice cream, I get this awesome recipe and write up. I am happy to share this unplanned delicious moment with you.

Luis Soto is husband of Editor in Chief, Yadira Ambert of El Club de las Diosas. He is a truck driver, great husband and father and now, thanks to this post, we find he is a lover of ice cream! ~~~ I must confess I love ice cream! And for a manly man, it takes courage to admit it but not me. You know why? Cause I love it! So why hide it. My love for all sweet things started when I was a young boy. I used to hear the sweet sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street and I would get ready for it.

I remember one particular day in which, I heard the truck was coming and my grandpa gave a quarter to get an ice cream cone. As soon as the truck arrived and parked across the street, I ran to get my treat. Got my dessert, and started running towards the house when I heard the ice cream man yelling at me to come back to get my change. Without hesitation, I ran back to get but without realizing a car was coming fast, I started running back to the house and I felt this strange force pushing me back to the truck. The car just passed by inches of me and I was saved. Something, someone has saved me but all I wanted was my ice cream.

So it is fair to say, I almost got killed because of ice cream. But that didn’t stop me and up to this day, it is still my favorite dessert. A couple of weeks ago my wife had a gathering of friends at home. One of them was Sili and as a great ambassador for Breyers, she brought us ice cream. I was in heaven. From that moment on, I knew my night was going to be great. I decided to prepare my banana split which included 3 scoops of Breyers Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry ice cream, one banana and of course whipped cream. I was certainly in heaven. I could hear the girls laughing and having a good time. But me, I was in heaven.

The next weekend, I decided to experiment further with it. Certainly another banana split was in my mind but wanted to try something different. That is when the idea of creating a new dessert started. With just a few ingredients, my new combination was a success. And today, I want to share with the world my soon to be famous “Because you only live once” dessert (BYOLO).

Ingredients: 1 giant chocolate chip cookie 2 scoops of Breyers Napolitan ice cream Whipped cream

And there you have it, another delicious treat to enjoy with my family. Thanks to my good new friend Sili, now I have more reasons to have “sweet” nights. ~~~ Disclosure: I am a Breyers ambassador. This post came about after I was tagged on Instagram in the pictures shown above and asked Luis to share his recipe. All opinions and love of ice cream are not even mine! They are his and I am grateful that he is sharing them with us. A container of strawberry, chocolate & vanilla ice cream was dropped off as a contribution to the get-together prior to realizing Luis would provide such an outstanding and yummy recipe for us. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make myself a BYOLO!