Delicious Moments

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post and a reminder of the special moments The summer has been a time for me to reconnect with the frog princess and do fun things that will hopefully become a summer tradition.  I realized when I went to the Breyers Yummyfun event that I needed to work really hard to work on that "us" time.  There are days when I feel I'm doing it all wrong. Days where there's too much to do and I am running around saying no.

This past weekend, we did the usual running around but we also celebrated the girl's dad's birthday. He turned 40 and it's a big milestone for him. His story is one that I might ask him to tell you one day. But we don't need milestones to connect, to share special moments and to be in the moment.

While there were birthday celebrations, he decided to play it by ear on his actual birthday. And you know what we did? Nothing. Well, not exactly. We stayed in. We built forts and had tickle fights. He napped here and there as he recovered from a full weekend. We watched Food Network and GSN. We giggled and marveled at how much our child has grown.

I have few pictures of that day. Because sometimes it's hard to be in the moment AND capture it all at the same time. And we have to choose whether we are going to make the memory in our hearts or try and capture it with a photograph. There are times when it's hard to decipher the two. Times when I wonder if I made the right choice.

But this time, I knew it was right. We lounged, cuddled and shared quick bites. And at the end of the night, we ate ice cream and cherries. I always laugh at the frog princess because ice cream has quickly become one of her "fahvite" things. Although she's a chocolate fiend, she has a new appreciation for "banela" and I don't blame her. Last week I got the Breyers Vanilla Chocolate to blow her mind at the fact that her two favorite ice creams could be found in one package.

It's the simple things. The being able to share in the moment with someone we love.  And making it a delicious moment with something as tasty as Breyers.

Now through September 23, families nationwide are encouraged to submit their delicious moments – a sundae creation, favorite flavor or even a fun family photo – to the Breyers Facebook page. One lucky winner will be showcased within the Winner’s Gallery each week and will receive exciting prizes, such as a tablet and a year’s supply of Breyers.

Have you had a delicious moment with your family this summer yet? It's not too late!


Disclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND special moments?  All thoughts, opinions and possible bellyaches from too much yumminess are all my own.