Photo Book for the Holidays


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and personal pride in finally getting vacation pictures together in a beautiful photo book are purely my own. We went on vacation in August. I just completed a post telling y'all about it. Imagine what happened to the pictures?! Nothing!

Has that ever happened to you? I have a million pictures and nowhere are they displayed except in the privacy of my own screen.

I'm happy to report that this stops NOW! There are times when I take on a campaign and then there are times when a campaign takes me on. This has been Shutterfly for me.

First, the stunning and beautifully done on-time holiday cards en español and now, I get to gift my Frog Princess with a photo book detailing our amazing crusero!


As with the tarjetas, the photo book was super easy to create. I am an avid fan of ThisLife which is part of Shutterfly and it means that I can select my photos right from the app. Even if you don't have ThisLife, though. It's such a simple upload for photos. And then magic happens!

If you're not creative or lacking in time (errr, for those last minute gifts, folks) you can let Shutterfly lay out the pictures. I find this is not only super cool but take the burden of where to begin placing photos in your photo book. I went back and made some layout changes and background changes. 


It doesn't get better than this! I love the personalized gift that keeps on giving. Shutterfly offers an easy, creative and convenient way to share family milestones. Cruises, birthdays, Thanksgiving. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You can be the supah-star of the family and make your annoying cousin who is always trying to one-up you look bad (not that I have this problem, mind you). 


Now, its even easier to share these creations with your abuelita, mother, neighbor, tía and other loved ones with Shutterfly’s new Spanish applications. Oh and with Spanish language customization, and a Spanish-language customer service, I can even share this with tía and she can do it on her own (without calling me 13 times!).

I'm over the moon at how this book came out and cannot wait to see the look on my girl's face when she opens this gift on Christmas morning!

As the person in charge of all of the photographs that my mother kept, I think it's so important to highlight all things family and together. I feel that photo books like this one will be treasured for years to come. It's more than an album, it's all about the stories that you can write beyond the photograph. And to me, that makes it even more special.

What treasures will you create?

Navidad Con Shutterfly

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and relief over being done with holiday cards are purely my own. I adore holiday cards. Christmas was Mami's favorite time of the year and it feels like I inherited not just her rich history but her love of Christmas.

Except that I can't, y'all. Every year I say I'll be sending cards and then  I either: 1. get completely overwhelmed and kick this idea to the curb or 2. end up sending New Year's cards instead.

Well this year I am ahead of the game! Can I get an amen? I'm excited that I found these amazing Shutterfly cards en español. I cannot express how much I love these!

Shutterfly cards.

It was super easy for me to create and I was able to pull my pictures out from This Life which I am a big fan of. Who has time to figure out pictures. Amirite? Check out how I did it!

While my family speaks some English, I love having the option of ordering as many of these cards as I like in order to provide them with a better card they can connect to.

Connect to a card? Why yes! We get so little in the mail these days when it comes to truly personal mail that I think the idea of sending something out in my native tongue is genius.

Seriously, why hadn't I thought of this before? Enniweighs, Shutterfly had plenty of amazing selections. So much so that I had a very hard time selecting this one. Truth be told, though, I love that I can mix and match. Select a handful of one design and then see what else I fall in love with.

It's been a couple of years since I've dropped a great Christmas card for my peoples (both business and personal). I think Shutterfly Vida is the bestest way for me to bring it back.

Shutterfly in Spanish.

And because I love y'all and need you to get with the program so we can act like we are rocking our schedules and have it together, I have a $50 giveaway for you! Woohoo!