My Tales from the Bed


I've been away for a minute, save for a couple of posts here and there. I have reasons, y'all! Come back! Lots of amazingly great things have happened. But, since my birthday, either the Frog Princess or I have been under the weather. Spring has brought lots of questionable health, and not just allergies. I don't appreciate any of it.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with pelvic pain. No big. I figured it was the endometriosis acting up leading into my period week (eeek! I said period!).

But day 3 of pain and my period wasn't about to make an early appearance. Yet the pain persisted. I'd already set an appointment to chat with my doctor because I have noticed that my pain days had been increasing.

The morning of the appointment, I woke up and couldn't stand straight. So began the journey. I saw the doc who wanted to do a sonogram as we talked about what was happening with my body and the endometriosis.

Two days  later, I got a sonogram. I love that I can get it done right in his office, easy peasy.

Turns out there's A LOT happening in my abdomen. Where do I begin? Certainly the endometriosis is a problem. A BIG problem. A problem that will need surgery.

The good news is that my uterus is good. The bad news is that the ovaries have been compromised. 

As I wait for the consult with the surgeon, the pain has not let up. It makes me tired, I get chills, have the cold sweats, you name it. I can now assure you that my pain ranges from early labor to active labor. Except with less pauses in between. Mornings are slightly cruel (yet another reason to be happy it's the end of the school year). And this past Friday, I had the un-pleasure of having a "ibuprofen ain't working here" day.

Suffice it to say, I'm having to adjust life. It's not easy. It has meant that I have backed away from all non-essential tasks. Because I am usually exhausted and/or in too much pain to sit up in the evenings, this has meant no writing (which frankly is killing me). I will say that even when I feel a bit better, I can't think of what I want to write.

I keep wanting to find a new doctor, a new medication, a new something that would help me. But also...exhausted and some days I just want to sleep with all my chills and sweats.

So here we are. I'm maxing and "relaxing" in my Snoogle again (mental note: buy a new cover). I have so much to think about, so many decisions to be made before the surgery (so much damn laundry to go through and fold so that everyone knows where everything is). I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Though I know the general information, the truth is that all decisions will have to be made while I'm under anesthesia so I have to get all my thoughts/questions/concerns out during this time. I have all the feels about all the things at the moment.

But life goes on, right? I still have some awesome campaigns at work that need to be rocked. But I'm afraid my glitter body rolls are now like swooshes instead. I'm lucky I work from home and can work from the bed (I'm totally looking for a snazzy laptop tray and a good back rest).

With 10 days before my consult, I'm afraid that I'm just on pause, waiting.

Til then, I need to figure out how to make it through the pain without too much stress. Lettuce pray this is doable because 17 days into this and I'm really wondering how much longer til things let up.

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