A Look Back

As I inch towards my baby girl's first birthday, I am looking back to the journal I have kept since we found out we were having her.  It's amazing that a year has gone by and now I can hold her and cuddle her and love her all I want to (and I am not on bed rest: thank you Jesus!).  Here's what I said to my frog princess exactly one year ago. 11/09/09 (2:15 p.m.)

Okay so your showers are finally over.  All I can say is WOW.  We were showered with every present imaginable and it makes us feel so loved.  I am so appreciative of family and friends that are just as excited about you coming as we are.

Your godmother put on a wonderful shower!  I loved every minute of it though I wasn’t really feeling that fabulous since it was my first week on bed rest.  I keep telling myself I’ll get back to writing and then I sit here and do something and then get tired and have to lie down.

Your dad did a fantastic job on painting your nursery.  We are waiting for the furniture to get here. I’m hoping it’ll be here sooner rather than later as I have no idea what your plans are, young lady!  Will you come right @ 37 weeks when I get off bed rest?  Will you make us wait until your due date and beyond?  Everyone’s guessing.

Your abuela will be here next week and that will be wonderful because we need a little help with me not being able to get around so much.  You are constantly moving and Onidis (the midwife) thinks that you’re irritating the uterus and making it contract.  You are certainly your father’s child moving everywhere!

Lots of love!  I’ll write back tonight!