What to Pack for the Hospital


I've recently seen and received requests for a "what to pack" list when having a baby. The fact that I got about 32 women pregnant last year means I've seen this a lot. I'm tired of sending individual emails so here's my list of things that you should pack for the hospital/birthing center.


  • Insurance information and any paperwork you will need
  • Copies of your birth plan

For Mami & Daddy:

  • Robe and slippers - if you wear them
  • Clothes for delivery, if you don't want to wear the hospital gown - I labored in a sari
  • A nightgown that opens in the front, for nursing after the baby gets here
  • A sleep nursing bra
  • Several pairs of socks, if you don’t want hospital socks
  • Birthing ball - if the hospital doesn't provide them
  • A focal point, good luck charm, or some other "security" item
  • Snacks for after delivery - I had the frog princess at 10:43 p.m. and although they served dinner til late into the night, by the time I got up to my room, they weren't. Though I got lucky and had an awesome nurse that made a turkey sandwich magically appear
  • If you're at a birthing center, you'll want to bring food for during labor as they normally don't restrict eating and encourage it to give you energy while you labor
  • A cup if you don’t want to drink out of the disposable cups at the hospital and anything you want to drink
  • A change of clothes for Papi
  • Going home clothes for mami - elastic waist, nursing bra, roomy top. Whatever you wore while pregnant that wasn’t restrictive
  • A Girdle or some sort of post partum support belt - hear me out on this one. I felt like ripe fruit after I had the baby. Though I felt fine after the labor, I would get queasy at the feel of my tummy and the ripeness of it. I can't explain it, maybe one of my readers can
  • Undies: okay so I should tell you that when I was pregnant and planning on a birthing center delivery, my girlfriend who is an OB nurse told me I had to buy "mesh underwear". I had no idea what she was talking about. When I gave birth at the hospital (long story) I got some of them and let me tell you, I took some home. For real. The hospital has them, take advantage. They were comfy and once I took them off I didn't have to worry about what was on them and just pitched

For the Baby

  • Car seat for baby
  • A special blanket for the "official" first hospital picture
  • Going home clothes for baby

Toiletries & Such:

  • Hair accessories (scrunchy, headband, etc)
  • Toiletries - don’t forget a comb and a little lip gloss for the official hospital pics. You may not feel like it but trust me, take them
  • Oil or lotion for massage
  • Lip balm
  • Eyeglasses and/or contacts and supplies
  • Nursing pads - though you’ll probably only use this for when you leave. I don’t think I wore a bra while in the hospital. Enjoy the freedom, it will be short lived
  • If you're in a birthing center, you might need to bring:
    • sanitary napkins - although I bought some King Kong sized pads to take with me, I ended up using the hospital ones. Yes they were more like a pillow but it was comforting to wear as it made me feel like my uterus wouldn't fall out of my body.
    • disposable underpads

Electronics & Accessories:

  • Cell phone
  • Camera supplies (don't forget the charger, film and/or extra batteries!)
  • Music/playlist and speakers
  • Your baby book, for footprints or anything you want his footprints on, like a shirt
  • List of phone numbers, to call and announce the birth - phone tree. you can assign someone this task other than you and Papi

That's all I can think of for now. Did I miss anything?

Mami Moments: Pregnant and Confused

So, before you go on spreading rumors, I am NOT pregnant. Confused? Um, yes. That one I can't deny. I haven't done a Mami Moments in a while and this time around I decided to give the 'hood a taste of another Mami. Granted, her bun is still baking but to me, she's a Mami already.

Meet Ms. Brittany, also known as Clumps of Mascara (how cute is that?). She is pregnant, adorable and apparently, confused. Alas, I was too old anal retentive seasoned to have this particular problem (remind me to tell you about my spreadsheet with my THREE registries complete with pivot tables). But, I know how she feels nonetheless because confusion is just part of mamihood.  Can we help a sistah out?


Confession: I am 5 months pregnant and unprepared. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that to close friends and my family members but it’s the truth. While my husband and I planned this kiddo to a tee, what I failed to plan was everything outside of conception. And I know that sounds nuts but give me some slack here. I’m a 27-year old first time mom who thought pregnancy would be the awesomely amazing experience but got slapped in the face with 1st trimester sickies from hell.

Okay, first of all - I hate that my Mom, Aunts, cousins and friends never told me the REAL deal about pregnancy. 80% of what I experienced during the first trimester were normal symptoms but seemed all dramatic because I didn’t expect them. Why don’t women talk about the real symptoms? First trimester came and left and I am currently in the trimester that most pregnant women love...and I see why! I am able to eat without hurling, have a cutesy baby bump and have an insane amount of energy. Being pregnant at this stage is kinda...fun! I’ve been enjoying 2nd trimester so much that I’ve failed to think about the necessities for when baby girl makes her appearance. This was all too clear when my Mom and younger sister (the one in college who has never had any kids) took me to get my baby registries started.

I have never been so confused in life. Excitedly, my Mom and sister grabbed a cart, snatched the list and ran off in various directions. I semi-waddled behind and stroked the furry Hello Kitty keychain that caught my eye. I ended up buying that keychain too. That’s right. I didn’t purchase one thing for baby but managed to score another Hello Kitty item that I didn’t need. WTF? is right.

I followed my family around and let them make the decisions for what would end up on my registry. The conversations pretty much followed this...

Sister: “Which bottle brand do you like?”

Me: *crickets*

Sister: Have you not researched the different brands?

Me: Uh....*orchestra of crickets*

How could I be THIS clueless? How am I supposed to know which diaper, bottle, stroller and carseat brands are the best? Was I supposed to research these things before getting pregnant?

I don’t know doggone it. I just don’t know. I always think my friends with kids are too busy to entertain my silly questions so I don’t even ask them. I spent so many years enjoying the kid-free life and now that it’s here I’m like...lost. I reckon I’ll get it together sooner rather than later. I don’t have a choice though, do I?

Can any Moms out there relate? Is it okay that I am this clueless right now or should I be freaking out?


Don't you just love her? I know I do. Brittany has a sweetness about her that makes you want to go up and give her a hug. I'm totally rubbing her belly next time I see her. And I'll give her that hug because, don't we know what she's feeling? Hang tight babe, I guarantee you that everything is going to be just fine!

Brittany is the editor of the popular beauty blog Clumps of Mascara and a staunch advocate of the power of social media. Brittany has done extensive work as a social media consultant, planning and executing campaigns for a number of organizations. As an authority for all things glossy, shimmery and glittery, Brittany is the President of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida  and she hopes that her love for beauty can inspire women to all ages to truly love themselves; inside and out.

Seeing her pregnant has made me ovulate against my will (can I press charges for that?). Be sure to say hi to Brittany and her baby clump on her blog and on Twitter.

Do You Remember the First Time Your Baby Moved?

I wrote this June 18, 2009. I think I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. And as I read it, I could almost feel the flutter... Love, Volume I

There have been no words dedicated to you No poem to tell you how I feel No volumes explaining this journey No verse to make this magic real

It has taken me 10 weeks of thinking And feeling guilty at not working my craft All it took was a few minutes before dawn And at the simplicity I just laughed

Saved up deep in my heart Was this wish I couldn’t speak Although mothering’s apparent The force of it had made me weak

Years have passed where I have questioned Whether I’d ever see this day To stand before a mirror And see things look a different way

But here I am after all this time Feeling a flutter as I laid still Amazed and humbled by the thought That all that matters is God’s will

You were made in perfect calm With assurances of love and dedication Without the stresses of daily life We ended up with a perfect creation

I’m overwhelmed with feelings of joy As God looked down and smiled At the moment that my life forever changed When I finally felt my child

© 2009


When was the first time you felt your baby move inside of you?

A Look Back: The Very First Entry

I was looking through my little girl's journal. I haven't written in it very much since last year but, this one caught my heart as I was copying it over to Evernote. It is the very first entry after finding out that we were pregnant. 4/15/09 11:10 p.m.

These are the first words written just for you: we love you and can’t wait til you get here.  We are so excited that you are on you way.  Your aunt Shereen and uncle Paul just left after coming over to celebrate the news.

We found out about you @ 7:23 a.m. on April 11, 2009.  I went to the doctor 2 days later on Monday April 13 and the doctor confirmed what the home pregnancy test showed.

Your dad and I can’t stop smiling.  We feel so blessed that you’re on your way.  We pray for you.  That you are healthy.  We know you’ll be wonderful and beautiful because you are ours.

My dad cried from joy when he heard the news and my mom can’t stop telling people.  Your dad's parents are equally as happy.  We told them over the phone since they’re in South Carolina.  Your titi Q has had the best reaction yet.  She was in Connecticut and when I told her over the phone she yelled Oh My Gosh! Over and over, louder and louder until she was crying.  It made me cry too.  Your titi G is just as excited and has already predicted you’re going to be a girl.  We’ll see if she’s right.

We don’t know when you will read this.  If you will be happy or sad.  If you’re mad at us or we are upset with you.  But we wanted you to know that you are loved and wanted beyond words.  We will always love you, no matter what.

By the way your uncle Pete said he’s not babysitting for the first two years.  You know he’s always joking.  He can’t wait to see you.  And neither can we.

Love, Mami y Papi

It seems like I wrote that a lifetime ago.  As if I was a different person.  My mother is alive and well in those journals.  Happy, healthy and ecstatic at the news of my pregnancy. I remember telling her I'd missed my period. She wanted me to wait longer to take the test because she was just wanting it so badly that she thought a little more time would assure a positive result. How I loved my parents reaction.  How loved I felt. I can't describe it.  As we head into the frog princess's birthday week, I can't help but be humbled and grateful for every single moment of the past. And every moment that I captured (though most times, I'm apologizing for not writing more often.  Sound familiar?).

If you have children, did you keep a journal while pregnant? Do you keep one for your kids now? If you're not, do you keep a journal of your happenings? I did before and sometimes I don't know what I was thinking and wonder what will happen when I become ridiculously famous.  Because the gaps aren't there to be filled on those journals.  I guess that's the only thing I don't like about journaling.  Unless you're like Oprah and have kept journals since you were a child, how will someone know what happened during the gaps? Between the lines of the journal? Who will speak of the little things? More importantly, are they necessary?

The Beleh Swagger

I just got wind that Shell over at Things I Can't Say is talkin' 'bout rockin' the bump! Thanks to The Mommyologist for posting her awesome big beleh pic! You look fantastic! Ya'll, I'm not even going to lie. I felt all beautiful and sexy with my beleh! Maybe it was the hormones and perhaps I was the only one who felt the hotness for my changing body but, I embraced it! Here are some pics taken by the awesome Mr. Zach Taylor!

I never did newborn pics because I didn't think far enough ahead to actually book this before the frog princess got here and I didn't think the hospital shots were going to make me look at all like a human being. I kinda regret that but, I am SO glad I went to take these a week before the baby made her grand entrance!

So, whaddaya think?






A Look Back: 36 Weeks...

I realize now why some prisoners commit crimes shortly after leaving prison in hopes to be put back in (well, kinda). At 36 weeks and 1 day, I was allowed to finally leave the prison that was my bed. Although truth be told by that stage, I didn't want to. Well, I did but I was so tired most of the time that I wanted to run and do what I had to and then jump back into the bed.

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